Mark Normand - Big Fan of the Gays

Mark Normand Season 3, Ep 11 07/18/2014 Views: 7,262

If there's one issue that Mark Normand can be honest about and still look like a good person, it's gay marriage. (1:35)

Last time I went to a park I sawa gay rights rally.

That was pretty cool.Uh, any gay guys here?

(scattered laughs)

Well, that is statistically

impossible, uh...

Come on, where are you, buddy?

I'll find you, huh?

Right now, there's some guysitting next to his girlfriend

going... (chuckles)"What's he talking about, huh?"

I love the gays. I'm a big fan.

Gay guys are the best.They're nothing but perks.

You know? They're non-violent.

They fix up neighborhoods.

And they're generallysmart people.

You never really meetan ignorant gay guy.

Like, you never meeta gay guy who's like...

(spits)"I only love three things.

"My truck, my gun

and dick."

You never hear that, you know?

And... Yeah. I had a guy sayto me once, "Hey, Mark.

You like gays so much,but what if you had a gay son?"

I wouldn't mindhaving a gay son.

Having a gay son's like finding

a French fryin your onion rings.

You know? You're like, "Well,

it's not what I expected,but I like these, too."



Oh, yeah.

I'm on board with gay marriage.

I like gay marriage,and I'll tell you why.

I like gay marriage'cause it's that one big issue

you can be honest about andstill look like a good person.

Let me explain.

Like, if somebody says,"Hey, man.

How'd you feelabout that earthquake in Haiti?"

"I don't care.

Doesn't affect my life."

"Wow, what a dick."

But if somebody says, "Hey, man.

How do you feelabout gays getting married?"

"I don't care.

Doesn't affect my life."

"You got the right attitude.

"Hmm. Very progressive.

Open-minded. I like that guy."

(crowd clapping)