Natasha Leggero - Gang Culture

Natasha Leggero Season 15, Ep 16 03/25/2011 Views: 26,901

Natasha Leggero is mystified by the gang-culture bus tour that travels through her neighborhood in Los Angeles. (1:19)

Uh, there's a newthing in Los Angeles

called the"L.A. Gang Tours."

And thisis something...

For $100 you can geta seat on this tour bus

that takes you to the mostdangerous parts of Los Angeles.

I know becauseit goes past my house.

[audience laughing]

And all of thegangsters in the area

have agreed to a cease-fireduring the tour.


[audience laughing]

I would just love tosee who was on this bus,

because you know it's justa bunch of white people

in safari outfits...

[audience laughing]

...who wanna look at minoritiesthrough bulletproof glass.

"Oh, Harold,

"I hope it comes with abag of crack to feed them."

[audience laughing]

Why are we glorifyinggang culture?

[cheers and applause]

Your main contribution isspray-painting your nickname

on otherpeople's things.

[audience laughing]

And my cousin, who'sa gangster, he's like,

"No, 'Tash,you don't understand.

"You throw a phat piece upthere, that place is yours."

I'm like, "No onethinks you own 'Costco.'"

[audience laughing]

[cheers and applause]