The Day the Earth Stood Stupid Season 3, Ep 7 01/23/2008 Views: 1,804

The Planet Express gang becomes increasingly dumb as Leela finds out there's much more to Nibbler than meets the eye. (1:57)

( muttering anxiously )

Leela back yet?

Fry, help me!My heart stopped beating!

You don't have a heart.You're a robot.

Sure, right... robot.

Oh, Fry, my skin's all dryand clanky.

Well, yeah.Robots are madeof metal.

Am I a robot?

Bender, if this is some kindof scam, I don't get it.

You already havemy power of attorney.


( stammering )

My skin!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I'm a genius.

Ow! Ow!

Dr. Zoidberg, why iseveryone acting so weird?

Zoidby want balloon.

Want balloon now!

Zoidby want go outside!

Aw, I just let you back in.

This is unbelievable.

I thought you werea furry little moron,

but here you are flyingan adorable spaceship.

If only you could talk.

( babbles )

Wait! I understood that!

( babbles )

You say you'retransmittingyour thoughts

directly to my brain?

( babbles affirmatively )

You say those awfulflying brains are

making everyoneon Earth stupid?

( babbling )

Oh. Stupid-er.

And you go on to say that we'reheaded for your home planet

where your race has lived

since the beginningof the universe?

( affirms )

So, how did the universe begin?

( inflected babbling )

Then the meaningof existence...

So, every religion is wrong.

( gurgling )