Ron Funches - Bothered by Weird Things

Ron Funches Season 3, Ep 6 06/20/2014 Views: 22,648

Ron Funches wonders why he has to prove to robots that he is not a robot. (1:37)

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The weird things alwaysbother me.

Like, why do I always haveto prove to a robot

that I'm not a robot?


Why do you even care?

Who put you up to this, robot?

And how do you even want meto prove it?


By putting in a seriesof random letters and numbers?

That sounds like something

a robot would be pretty good at.


I don't go up to my toasterand be, like,

"Hey, prove to me you notmy friend Craig right now."

"You lookinga little Craig-like to me.

"Kind of acting like Craig.

"Turning my bread into toast--

that's one of Craig'sfavorite things."

"Oh, that is you, Craig?"

"You love sitting onkitchen counters, dude."

(Ron giggles)