Roast Battle - K. Trevor Wilson vs. Mike Lawrence

Roast Battle - Night Four - Uncensored Season 1, Ep 5 07/31/2016 Views: 9,136

Although Mike Lawrence and K. Trevor Wilson look alike, they have no problem finding ways to insult each other in a heated battle. (1:08)

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Trevor, you hungry,hungry hipster.


You look like if Mumfordate all of his sons.

(laughter, applause)

You know, I'm actually tired

of getting comparedto Mike Lawrence.

I am a fast comic.

You're just a doughy (bleep).

Pick a size, bud.

Either (bleep) lose weightor give up, but make a choice.


That was a good one,Jonah Hillbilly.

You know, Trevor's never beenin a relationship.

The closest he's ever beento someone

is when he tried to claw offDiCaprio's face

in The Revenant.

Mike's actually hada really great year this year.

He's collected almostas many Pokémon

as he has rape souvenirs.

(laughter, horn blows)