Laura Kightlinger - Who Could Love You

Laura Kightlinger Season 1, Ep 11 09/11/2007 Views: 6,226

The line-up of Christmas, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day is not fair to those who are alone. (1:02)

Every time you get fixed up--

I noticed this--that the

description that a friend gives

for the guy that she's fixing

you up with is exactly the same

as the neighbors of a serial



It's always, "Handsome guy."

"Good job."


"Always says hello."

I'm, like, "All right, what's

the bad stuff?"

"He might cut you up and wear

your tits on a belt."


I think this is a great time of

the year because we're over a

lot of ugly holidays.

When you think of it, it goes

Christmas, New Year's Eve, and

Valentine's Day.

Is that fair to anyone who's



Those are all days where you've

got to be with someone.

And it's like, if you didn't get

around to killing yourself at

Christmas or New Year's, boom,

there's Valentine's Day for you.

[laughter and applause]

I think there should be just one

more holiday after Valentine's

Day, just for the stragglers.

And it should be called,

Who Could Love You?

[laughter and applause]