Dino Archie - Being Soft - Uncensored

Documental Season 3, Ep 7 04/14/2016 Views: 270

A recent encounter in Hawaii made Dino Archie realize what a softie he is. (0:48)

You guys are too cool.

'Cause I was walkingon the beach with my girl,

and I gotweird colored eyes.

It's a weird thingfrom my dad.

Anyways,so the sun's in my eyes,

and this dude is--holding hands with my girl--

and this dude's walkingtowards me with his girl.

And he's walking to--and he leans in.

I don't know this guyand he goes,

"Hey, dawg.What color are your eyes?"

Weird question.Caught me off guard.

I just said the truth.I was like, "Uh, hazel."

Which is the softest thingyou could say as a man.

Hazel.It just doesn't sound tough.

Not like I need to be tough,but hazel?

That's fucked.Like, why--

The only way that could beany softer is if I say,

"Oh, it just dependson the way

the sunlight hits them."