Rory Scovel - German Pornography

Morgan Murphy, Seth Herzog, Rory Scovel Season 4, Ep 4 08/16/2013 Views: 34,323

Rory Scovel does not want anybody to be intimidated by his thick German accent. (1:48)

Thank you so much.

Thank you.That feels amazing.

Appreciate it.

There are not words to describewhat you guys just gave me.

Uh, it was amazing.That rush of energy.

I'm kind of like,Wow, quit giving it all to me.

You know, you guyskeep some of it, you know.

Wow. Just a wave.Like a total wave.


Absolutely incredible.

I don't wantto intimidate anybody,

uh, with my German accent.

Do not, you know,get too freaked out.

I'm German. Yes.You know, Germany.

We're chill, you know?

We're a chill--

We're a chill place,you know?

We sort of have to be now,you know.


Have to be.

It's like the whole worldsaw what we did.

Like, literally every singleperson, like, way before YouTube

saw all the footage.

All of it.

And I think, you know,as Germans,

we're sort of overcompensating,I think.

Have you seen, you know,German pornography?

You know, you watch it.You're like, This is crazy.

Like, what the [BLEEP]is this?

This is people having sex,

and then they're [BLEEP]on each other?

And then they'rehaving sex again?

That's disgusting.

It's like, I know.Like, can you even remember,

like, any other crazy thingwe did as a country?

I don't-- You know.

Once you've seen this,

it's like that's prettymuch it for us

in, you know,terms of the deep end.

You know, that's kind of as faras we really went.