Prince Apato Comes to Bellacourt

The Prince and the Pauper Season 2, Ep 3 06/29/2016 Views: 4,201

Lillian and Beatrice each showcase their talents in an effort to impress a foreign prince. (2:18)

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- The prince is coming today,

and even thoughI've never met him,

I know that he isthe right person

to spend the restof my life with.

- I've been lifting weightswith my vagina

in anticipation of my futurehusband's arrival.

I hope he likes muscles.

[triumphant music]

- I am Prince Apato,

and this is my loyal servant,Parshwall.

- Even though I've only knownPrince Apato for one day,

I know he's the love of my life,and if he doesn't pick me,

I'm going to kill myself.

[light piano music]

- Very nice to meet you.

Very nice to meet you.- [giggles]

- I'm sorry, but you've beeneliminated.

- I'm not even part of this.

- Meeting you feels like fate.

- I've prepared a poem.

"Hello, Prince Apato.

"What have you got-o?

"I look forwardto marrying you...


- No one told me we weresupposed to prepare something!

I prepared a dance.

- I admire your bravery.

Muscular dystrophy is veryprevalent in my country.

More champagne.

- Sorry, sir, but I believethat is my job.

- Ah, apologies, but I amthe prince's butler.

I will pour.

- Deeply sorry, sir, but you are

in Bellacourt Manor now,

and I am the butler here.

- No, a thousand apologies,

but it seems that the prince'sflute has been left empty,

so there is no butler.

- I deplore the brayingof the serving class.

Both of you,out of my vision field.

[both laughing]

- So tell me, Prince,

what do you think of my girls?

- In one word?


both: Aww.

- I cannot possibly choosebetween the two of you,

so I will take each oneof you on a date

and see who charms me the most.

- To true love.

- And binding contracts.

[all laughing]