Obama's Anger Translator - On the Town Hall Debate - Uncensored

Bone Thugs-n-Homeless Season 2, Ep 5 10/24/2012 Views: 341,322

Obama's anger translator Luther talks about how the president got his swagger back in the second debate. (2:34)

("Hail to the Chief")

- Good evening my fellow Americans.

With me as always is my anger translator, Luther.

- Hi.

- Now, after the recenttown hall debate,

it's a time for reflection.

- I got my swagger back, bitches.


Woo, this motherfucker don't even need me anymore.

What's up!

- My opponent and I hadsome tense exchanges.

- No he didn't try to square up to me.

You know I'm black, right?

You know I'm not this effeminate little white boy

who you bullied in high school?

Step off.

- Governor Romney continues to prove a challenging

debate opponent.

- I mean it's like there's two of them.

It's like the new MittRomney trying to go back

in the past and kill the old Mitt Romney.

I mean, is this motherfucker a looper?

- I'm confident I was able to communicate

the strength of my convictions.

- Mitt, when you was talking about Libya,

you got a little specialtreat right there, dog.

You got to see my angry eyes.

Like this.

I usually reserve that for when Bo poops on the carpet

or Joe Biden says anything.

- He once again used his resume to justify

his candidacy.

- This motherfucker right here.

This motherfucker mentions the Winter Olympics

more than I mentionkilling Osama Bin Laden!

- He was proud of his efforts to include

qualified women in his cabinet.

- You made it sound like finding a qualified woman

is like hunting down a sasquatch, riding on the back

of a unicorn, reading the specifics of your tax plan.

- And he even drew a tenuous connection between

single parent householdsand gun violence.

- Oh, that's right, children of single parents

usually grow up to use AK-47's

or become the president.

- Governor Romney seemedto have a difficult

time explaining his own so-called five point plan.

- Mitt, man, I've got afive point plan for you

right here, dog, bipp!

Right in your lip, niggle!

- He even seemed unclear as to the agreed protocol

of the debate.

- Oh, you want to mess with me?

That's fine!

That's one thing but youtalk over Candy Crowley?

Not on my watch, baby.

- Luther?

- Yeah.

- I also talked over Candy Crowley.

For which I apologize.

- Seriously, Candy,sometimes you got to let

a nigga finish his sentence, okay?

Especially when the fateof Western civilization

is at stake, bitch!

- Luther.

- Yup.

You did it again.

How in the world do youthink it's appropriate

to insult Peabody Awardwinning Candy Crowley?

Your hair look good, girl.

- It is true, though.

Sometimes you just got to let a nigga finish his sentence.