John Mulaney - "The Jinx"

The One with the Little Girl Named Lucy Season 2, Ep 3 07/14/2015 Views: 37,569

John Mulaney explains why he doesn't want HBO's Robert Durst docuseries "The Jinx" to win an Emmy. (1:26)

The Jinx is my favorite show

ever that I hope doesn'twin an Emmy.

Because no, for real, 'causewho's gonna win the Emmy?

That Andrew Jareckiand the HBO people?

I don't have this muchvenom for 'em...

but all those people are gonnaget up there and get an Emmy.

And who should get an Emmy?

Our little friend, our dearfriend Bobby the Jinx.

Should win every Emmy that'sever been invented.

He has been more-- this guyis so good at being on TV.

Did you see The Jinx?

Did you see it, young girl?Did you see The Jinx?

This guy-- this guy--

This guy killed three peopleand yet you'll watch it,young lady...

and you'll go,"I like this guy."

Why do I like this guy?How old are you?

I'm 13.You're 13? Perfect age.

You'll be sitting there,and you'll go, "Look at me,I'm 13, and I love this guy."

Can I ask, what's your name?Lucy.

Lucy, that's great.

So I ask my wife, I was like,"Why do people keep marryingThe Jinx?"

And she went, "Oh, I get it."

She said-- she goes,"He's so confidant."

And Lucy, he is, confidenceis the biggest currency we have,you know?

None of this is preparedmaterial, Lucy.