Brian Regan - "Dora the Explorer"

Brian Regan: Standing Up Season 1, Ep 1 06/09/2007 Views: 338,740

Brian Regan's three-year-old daughter demands that they watch age-appropriate television together. (2:13)

The other dayI was watching sports on TV.

And my daughter--She just turned three--

She got next to meon the couch and gotas close as she could.

You love those moments as a dad.You know, it's like, whoa.

This is true. And she puther thumb in her mouth, and shelooked up and me and she said,

"Put on somethingappropriate for me."

She's smart. She knowswhat she's supposed to see.

I watch Dora the Explorerwith her, you know,'cause she likes it.

So I watch it with her,you know. It's a good show.

I'd probably watch thatif I didn't have kids.

Dora the Explorer.First of all, did the producersthink that rhymes?

♪ Dora the Explorer ♪

Maybe that rhymesin the Kennedy household."Put on Dora the 'Explorah.'"

Yeah. Other than--

Other than that oneisolated compound,I'm not sure how that works.

There's as songin Dora the Explorerthat amazes me.

And I wish I had beenat the pitch meetingwhere it was approved.

"So did you get a chanceto work on a song?"

"Oh, uh--

"Yeah. Yeah. Well, I know--remember now that you want--Yeah, of course.

Yeah, we're working on it.Yeah."

"Why don't you go aheadand sing it for us then?"

"Oh, okay, well--

"You-You want that now?Okay.

Okay. Here we go. Um--"[ Clears Throat ]

♪ I'm the map, I'm the mapI'm the map, I'm the map ♪

♪ I'm the map, I'm the mapI'm the map, I'm the map ♪

I'm the map!

[ Indistinct ]

"And which characterwould be singing this?"