Robert Kelly - Raised to Be Men

Robert Kelly: Live at the Village Underground Season 1, Ep 1 01/09/2015 Views: 32,399

As Robert Kelly gets older, he realizes that men need to forget how they were raised and learn how to love. (2:10)

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It's not all [bleep] fun,getting older.

I mean, it's freeing.

There's some things that suck.

Some things-- gettingolder, for me, it was hard.

Because for men, I think, wehave to learn how to love.

And that's a--

You know, that right there.

I see-- I see this.

And it's hard to do.

And we get such a bad rap too.

That's the hardest part.

We're going tolearn how to do it,

and we're being called [beep]assholes, when we do it.

But that's your job, ladies.

Your job is to makeus better people,

because you're raisedbetter than us.

We're raised [beep] up.

We are.

We're taught to be shitty.

We're taught to be men.

Be a man!

You're taught tobe human beings.

You guys get tospin in sundresses

and sing songs that cometo mind, just (SINGING)

butterflies and conversationswith my real dad.

Hi, papa.

I picked wild flowers for you.

We're raised to be men.

Be a [beep] man.

We have to protect you fromIndians and bears and shit.

We can't like cut shit.

We can't be emotionalwith things.

Because we might have tokill it someday, because you

need shoes for the winter.

Do you understand that?

You guys are, look at thelittle kittens. [beep] kittens.

Put those on your feet.

Wear his head as a hat.

Let's go.

The zombies are coming.

Let's do this.

If you see morekittens, let me know.

We need lunch.

Spin in-- we don't get to spinin sundresses as a little boys.

You know how awesome asundress would have been

after a hot little leaguegame, just to cool my junk off

for five seconds ofmy hot sac existence?

No, I've been hotballs my whole life.

I have balls.

Men have balls.

Why don't we wear dresses?

Why the [beep]?

You've got littleslices that seal up.

Once the air hitsthe juice, it seals.

We get hot bubble gum between--

We should have dresses andthe bikes with the swoosh.

We get the bike with the bar.

We're [beep] smashing our nuts.

We should be able to fanour balls off on a subway

and have a swoosh, so wedon't hit our nuts on a bike.

Somebody [beep] up somewhere.