Al Jackson - Barack Obama

South Beach Comedy Festival 2008 Season 1, Ep 2 12/03/2008 Views: 11,356

Barack Obama is running for president -- how black can he possibly get? (1:36)

-Lot of crazy stuffgoing on in politics.

Let's do it like this.

Where are my Hillary people at?Hillary in the house?


All right, well, thelesbians have spoken.

But-- no.

That's early, andthat's out of the gate.

That's right out of the gate.

What about myBarack Obama people?

Are you guys here?



That was cool.

He took Iowa, man.

I was surprised he took Iowa.

I don't know if you guys saw,they were surprised he got Iowa

because-- not thathe got white votes,

but people were surprisedthat he got the black votes.

Because CNN put apoll out, and people

said that he wasn'tblack enough.

You guys have heard this?

And I'm like, dude, he'srunning for president, right?

Do you know what I'm saying?

What do you want him to do?

Get off the AND1Mixtape Tour bus?

You know, smoking a bluntin the back, with Snoop

playing PlayStation.

Give him some basketballshorts, call him

da candidate or something.

All right, do you know whatthe AND 1 Mixtape Tour is, sir?

No, all right.

It's Negroes dribbling.

All right?

Do you know whata blunt is, sir?

All right.

It's when you get a cigar andyou hollow it out and you-- OK.

I'm just kidding.

All right.

This is fun!

What else is going on?

Good to be back here in Miami.

Man, I used to live here.

I miss it here.

You guys, it's weird to comeback because you guys take

so much stuff forgranted here, man.

And it's not even just like theweather, the women, and stuff

like that.

Like, little stuff youall don't even care about.

You all got, like, BrandsMart.

See, you guys don't care.

Isn't the stuff inBrandsMart so cheap

you feel like somethingillegal is going on in there?

You go in there, you're like,how much is that flat screen?

They're like, just takeit, dawg, just take it.

And you've got to go backto that weird, loading dock

area no one's makingeye contact on.

I don't like it.