Michael Che - Enjoying Sex

Michael Che Season 3, Ep 2 06/06/2014 Views: 21,842

Michael Che reveals his plan to write a book for younger men that teaches them how to enjoy sex more. (1:46)

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I like getting older.It's fun.

I enjoy everything now.

I enjoy sex now.

I enjoyed sex when I was 20,

but I only enjoyed itfor, like, five or six pumps.

Then after that, I was too busytrying to divide fractions

and remember scenesfrom The Color Purple.

Every... (laughs)

Every young dude in here hasa trick to not finish fast.

It's not just me.

Women don't have a trick.

You finish whenever you want,

and we don't make fun of you,because we're nice people.

No woman in here was aboutto (bleep) early during sex

and was, like, "Oh, shit,think of Danny Glover.

Think of Danny Glover."

That doesn't happen.

There's books that teach women.

There's-there's no booksthat teach younger men

how to enjoy sex better.

There's no Fifty Shades of Dudes.

So I'm gonna write a book.

I'm gonna write a bookteaching younger men

how to enjoy sex better.

It's gonna be two pages long.

And the first page is gonna say,

"If you feel like you gotto (bleep), (bleep)."

And the second page...


And the second pageis gonna be a bibliography.

That's all you need to know.

(laughs)That's all you need to know.


That's it. That's it.

I'm dead serious.

I wish I had that informationwhen I was 20.

I used to hold out.I don't know why.

I never won nothing.

I almost bit my tongue offtwice.

Now, 30, if I (bleep) early,so be it.

Compliments to the chef.

(applause and cheering)