Michael Ian Black - Twitter Suggestions

The One with the Wedding Stories Season 1, Ep 7 09/11/2014 Views: 7,309

Not wanting to burn any material, Michael Ian Black turns to Twitter for a few ideas. (3:11)

When Kumail and Jonah asked meto do this, I was like...

"Yeah, absolutely, like, I can'twait to do your show."

And then I realized very quicklylike, oh, I don't haveany material...

um, that I could do for theshow. I mean, I have material...

but I don't have like materialthat I wanted to like burn...

on some like shit showon Comedy Central.

So, I decided to askTwitter what I should do.

And so, the first suggestioncame from @therealonmoses,the real on Moses.

And he said, "Come out in awhite suit, with an arrowthrough your head.

"Be on coke, if possible."

I assume he meant cocaine,and I did that, and it's great.

I did like 50 bumps of cocaineright before I came out.

I'm really enjoying myself.

@verkommen wrote, "Marry me."

And I was like, I don't thinkso, because I don't know whothis person is...

and also,I'm married already.

But I'm also a man of my word.

But first things first,I brought my wife Jen here,so she's here.

So, Jen, come on out.

Jen and I have been married15 years, we have two kids,Apple and Maddox.

I'm not a performer,so I'm nervous.

Oh, yeah, use that, just talkinto the microphone.

Oh, I'm not a performer,so I'm nervous.

This is what you do every night?

Yeah, it's a real rush,isn't it?


Obviously, you know,I told you about this...

and that I'm gonnahave to like let you go.

Yeah, no, you are a manof your word, so--

Right, I divorce thee,I divorce thee, I divorce thee.

So just step over there.

So I haven't met Verkommen.She said she was gonnabe here tonight.

Verkommen, are you here?

Are you Verkommen?


Well, what do you have here?

I mean, this is like me,I feel like I'm your-- likeI'm a pot-smoking frog...

and like, with your help,I could become a pot-smokingprince.

Well, that's very nice.Thank you, Verkommen.

Are you mic'd?I'm-- I'm mic'd.

Okay.I'm mic'd.

I'm mic'd.So, let's talk aboutthe sex tapes.

You guys aren't brothers,are you?

We are brothers.We are.

I mean, we get that so often.

It is, yeah, but onlywhen we're together.

But you know what?He got-- he's more outgo--

The difference ishe's more outgoing.

I am.

Kumail, will you come outand perform the ceremony?

It's kind of weird, becauseshe's still right here.

Do you want to usesome of our vows?


This one's gonna work out.

You want to just whisperstuff to me...

and then I'll just repeatit as part of the--Sure.

I'm psyched that we'regonna get married.

He's psyched that you'regonna get married.

That's it.