Ambushing Carter Grant

Pilot Season 1, Ep 1 02/07/2017 Views: 1,923

Sam and Tim snap into action when they find out that a potential client is eating at a local steakhouse. (3:15)

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- ♪ Yeah, I'm talkin' to you ♪

♪ Don't just sit there feeling blue ♪

♪ When you feel there's nothing you can do ♪

♪ You just pick yourself right off the ground ♪

♪ Get on up and turn around

♪ Hey, hey

[elegant piano music playing]

- Felipe, where are they?

- Right over there.- I mean, what could I do?

I pay for the coffee.

I pick up the dog,and I tell the cop

that I'm with animal control,undercover.

I still have the dog.


- A million dollars?

Heck yeah, we got a deal.


Carter Grant,VP of marketing, Chrysler?

- Uh, yeah.Have we met?

- We're about to.Sam Duvet.

- Uh, hi, Sam.

- Tim Cramblin,Cramblin Advertising.

- Hello, Tim.

- Cramblin Advertising?

Are you Hank Cramblin's son?

- That I am, yeah.- Oh.

- You knowSally Pomerantz?

Head of creativefor Pomerantz and Klein.

- Hank Cramblin,what a legend.

How is your father?

- He went insane.He lives in a nuthouse now.

- Oh.

Well, the next timeyou see him,

you tell him Sally Pomerantzfrom Chicago said hello.

- He won't understand that.

Talking to him is liketalking to Bugs Bunny.

- Well, then you tell him,"What's up, Doc?"

- Thank you.

That'll mean a lot to him.

- Sally Pomerantz.

Just as lovely

as I'd always imagined.

I mean,wrong color but...

just as lovely.

- Yeah, he imagineseveryone black.

- I suppose it's becauseI'm black.

- Oh, that could be.- Could be.

- That could...- Could...

both: Be.

- Carter, we areon our way out

because we alreadyate here.

Look at these stainson our ties.

- Look at the receipt.

- I'm guessingall the agencies are in town

because you're hearing pitchesfor your new campaign.

Well, Cramblin would love

to throw our hat in the ringon that.

- Oh.

Well, have I seen your work?

- Oh, you sure have.

Delta Airlines,Budweiser--

- No, no, no.Not your father's.


- Oh, uh...

- How about Smith'sbaby and teen kid furniture?

Harry Dean, the DUI lawyer?

Frank Franklin Insurance?

- Oh, I've seen that one.

♪ 313-555-0197

Frank Franklin.

- That's so us.- That's us!

- No, it's, uh--

that's a very catchy tune,yeah.

But, you know, I'm just not surethat your firm

is what we're looking forright now, gentlemen.

- Oh, sure, 'cause you'reprobably gonna go

with these fine folksfrom Chicago

'cause that's whereyou make your cars.

Wait a minute.No, you don't.

Where do they maketheir cars, Sam?

- Right here in Detroit.

- Come on, Carter.

- You make your cars here.

Make your ads here.

- [chuckles softly]

Fellas, it took a lot of ballscoming in here like this.

- Well, we were alreadyeating here, so...

- Receipt, so...

- Right, the receipt, yeah.


tell you what.

Why don't you come bytomorrow?

Hmm? 8:00.

- 8:00? I can't at 8:00.I just can't.

I have dinner with my wife,and I can't cancel.

- Oh, no, I meant a.m.

- a.m., yeah.Makes way more sense.

- Yeah.- A little early.

- We'll be there, okay?

See you in the morning.Thank you.

- Okay.

- Gentlemen.

Mrs. Pomerantz.

- Ms.

- Oh.