Ghana's New Plagiarizing President

January 9, 2017 - Susan Goldberg 01/09/2017 Views: 32,208

Newly elected Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo lifts portions of his inauguration speech from Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. (2:03)

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let's start, uh, you know,with some weekend news

from somewhere Americansusually only hear about

on National Geographic.


I ask you to be citizens.

I ask youto be citizens.

Citizens, not spectators.

Citizens,not spectators.

Citizens, not subjects.

Citizens,not subjects.

Though our challengesare fearsome,

so are our strengths.

Though our challengesare fearsome,

so are our strengths.


-have ever been a restless-have ever been a restless

-questing, hopeful people.-questing, hopeful people.

(laughing):Oh, I love it so much.

-I love it so much.-(applause)

Yeah, that's right.

At his inauguration,Ghana's new president

stole parts of his speechfrom Bill Clinton

and George W. Bush.

I like that he was, like, no,no, I can see the similarities.

I can put them together.

Yeah. And he thought he couldget away with it.

He thought he could get awaywith plagiarizing.

An id-- an idea that he alsostole from Melania.

He's just stealing everything.

I actually can't wait untilten years from now

when African presidentsare pinching speeches

from Donald Trump.

"The failing New York Times

"is doing another hatchet jobon me.

Sad, exclamation point."


And really, you got, you gotto admit Ghana's president

is kind of a geniusfor doing this.

Because what are therepercussions of this gonna be?

Huh? Wh-what's America gonna do?

Are they gonna be like,hey, you stole from us.

And they'll just be like,well, you stole us.


Let's call it even, huh?