A Challenge from Special Ted - Uncensored

Cane and Disabled Season 1, Ep 7 11/09/2016 Views: 1,391

Milk finds himself in a tough spot after refusing to fight a kid with disabilities. (1:45)

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Donny! Where you at, caa?Show yourself, fool!

- There his bitch assgo right there.

- Break yourself, fool.

You put me on blast withthem swine intestines.

What's up now,we got a problem?

We got a problem here?- Uh, do I did what?

- You know what you did,you dyslexic-ass bitch.

Trying to scare meand shit.

- We're gonna kickyour fuckin' ass!

- Nothing do didn't I!Nothing do didn't I!

- Hey, why don'tyou pick on someone

who speaks inyour own direction?

[dramatic music]

- Man, who the hell is you?

- I'm Ted.Special Ted.

- What the hell you want,Special Ted?

- I sent you the texts.

- You'rea terrible speller.

- I know how to spell

perpetratingthe handicap, bitch!

[all laughing]

- Well, I don't, but...

Anyways, I saw Milk on TVpretending to be like me

so he could sitcourtside last night.

[all gasp]

- Uh-uh.You wrong for that.

- So we gonnado this or what?

- Man, don't be retarded.I can't fight you, Sling Blade.

[all booing]

- You can't not not fight him

just because he'sdifferently abled.

I say whoop his ass, baby!

- You ready to feel the wrathof the baby arm or what?

- Yeah, you have to fight him.Otherwise, it's discrimination.

- Aye, I don't discriminate.How about I beat your ass, then?

- Why? Just becauseI have two typical

arms and feet like you?You disgust me, bro!

- Able-ist!- Having nothing wrong

don't make you all right.

all: Able-ist!Able-ist!

- Game time's over, homey.You want to get your ass beat?

'Cause I'm about that life.

- After school.Meet me in front.

- Ain't nothing but a word.3:00.

- Make it 2:20.We get out early.

One more thing.

LeBron's a pussy!

- Aye, hold me back!

- Get him, Ted![all cheering]