Sean O'Connor - Gay Marriage, Bon Jovi & Dave Matthews

Sean O'Connor Season 2, Ep 6 05/17/2013 Views: 9,312

Sean O'Connor proposes updating the Bible, wonders why everyone in New Jersey loves Bon Jovi and describes a typical Dave Matthews interview. (2:17)

A lot of people thinkI'm gay, when they meet me.

And, I mean, I probablywill be one day.

But for right now,

it's about thisreally confusing journey, right?

And, uh...

I always get very upsetwhen people say that

gay people shouldn't get marriedbecause it's not in the Bible.

I don't like that;I don't like that at all.

You guys seems fine with it.

And, uh...what's up with that?

Bible's really old.

Saying let's update that.

Let's just add another book.

Just 15 pages of dudes (beep).

At the endJesus comes up and goes,

"I'm totally cool with that.

You guys good?You need anything else?"

I'm originally from New Jersey.

Which is the most Americanpart of Italy.


Our state bird is a meatball.

Our state motto is:Bon Jovi's pretty good.


Everybody in New Jerseyloves Bon Jovi.

They love him, for some reason.

Here's how much they love him.

The other nightI was asleep in my bed,

2:00 a.m., Los Angeles time.

I get a call from my mom,5:00 a .m., Bon Jovi time.

My mom worksat an emergency room, overnight.

She called me up,woke me up, panicked.


She was, like,you'll never guess

who's in the emergency roomright now.

I'm half asleepand now I have to guess.

So, I'm, like, Dad?

And my mom said, "Better."

(chuckling):Bon Jovi.

Let's stayon the topic of music.

My favorite thingabout music right now:

interviews with Dave Matthews.

Now I don't know how you guysfeel about his music,

but trust me,his interviews are way better.

"Por ejemplo,"a couple years back,

Rolling Stone askedDave Matthews this question:

Dave, you releasedthree albums in one year.

That's a lot of albums.How'd you do it?

Dave responded with,"I'm gonna be honest with you.

Two of those albumswould not have happened

if four peoplewho were close to me didn't die.

When I read that,all I could think is:

Goddamn God's accuracy.

Killing four peopleclose to Dave Matthews

and missing Dave Matthews.

He was right there.