Celebrating Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Season 4 , Ep 8 09/13/13 Views: 14,545

W. Kamau Bell loves when America has to begrudgingly support someone that it would normally hate. (1:05)

congresswomanwho was shot.

That was horrible.

But there was a good partof that we didn't focus on

as a country long enough.

The first personwho was key in saving her life

was a dude namedDaniel Hernandez, Jr.

That dude was the key personin saving her life.

Daniel Hernandez, Jr.is a gay Latino.

And for two weeks,Americans all over the country

had to be happy about that,

even though America hatesgays and Latinos.

Do you understand? But they hadto be happy about it,

because he saveda white woman.

As we know, that's America'smost precious resource.

You know what I'm saying?

So for two weeksAmerica was like, Yeah!

A gay Latinosaved a white lady.


That's so great.

A gay Latinosaved a white lady.

As soon as I heard thatI was like,

Please be a Muslim.Please be a Muslim. Please.

Yay, a gay Latino Muslimsaved a white lady.

Yay! What's that?Supports ObamaCare?


Oh, God, it's so good.

Wait, he believesin evolution. Yay!

Likes algebra.How white was that lady?