Joe Zimmerman - Papa John's Pizza Promotion

Joe Zimmerman Season 3, Ep 14 07/25/2014 Views: 14,588

Joe Zimmerman is really excited about Papa John's new pizza delivery service. (1:54)

It's tough, man. Papa John'sPizza has a new promotion.

You can plan ahead, order apizza up to 21 days in advance.


For all those days

when you're like,"I could sure go for a pizza

"in about three weeks.

"If only there was a wayI could lock it in.

"'Cause you know how those pizzaplaces are always selling out

of pizza day of."

I want to place that order,then just call every day

and just check in.

"Hey, I called yesterdayabout two pizzas in 20 days.

"Can I tweak that orderto one pizza?

"My girlfriend and I broke up.

She said I plan too much, andI say she doesn't plan enough."

The next day,

"Hey, I called the last two daysabout a pizza in 19 days.

"Can I change the address?

"I had to moveinto my mom's basement.

"Yeah, 'cause of the breakup.Good memory.

"And we're gonna make ittwo pizzas again.

"Mom's gonna want one.

"Yeah, I should've just left itat two.

All right,I'll talk to you tomorrow."

And just call every day

and then finally,on the last day, you're like,

"You know, it turns outI'm in the mood for Chinese.

"So I'm gonna cancel. Uh...

"Yeah, I had pizza for lunch--I just ordered

"and then it came right away.It was really easy.

"But I like what you're doing.

"I'd love to placeanother order.

"21 days.

And I will talkto you tomorrow."