Rachel Feinstein - Amy's Dressing Room

Amy Schumer Presents Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple Season 1, Ep 1 04/23/2016 Views: 1,820

Rachel Feinstein gets ready to tape her special with her best friend Amy Schumer, who has received some very fancy gifts. (1:25)

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(Amy Schumer)Rachel, this isa big deal for you.

It's me presentingyour special.(Rachel Feinstein) Right.

(Amy)I know what you're wondering.

Do I feel likeI've paved the way for women?

Like, I mean...(laughing)

Yeah. Yeah.

So where'd you get the--the, um, those strawberries?

You know what?I don't know.

People always just put, like,a ton of shit in my green room.

Right.It's so sweet.

What if I hada flower allergy?

I'm in heresneezing my dick off,

but luckily,they're beautiful and I don't.

What'd you get?

Uh, they gave me some ofthose sunflower seeds,

you see, in the pileover there.

And, um, they gave mea do-rag and some soup.

Oh, you should get flowersand expensive wine

and chocolates instead.

Yeah, it would be nice.

And I want togive you some...


But I'm just--I'm not knowing

how I'm gonna feelafter the show,

so I'm gonna have tohang on to these.

I'm so hungry.(strained) Yes, you are.

All right.Do I look perfect?


Have a great my-your special.Okay.

Good luck.Mm.