Camping Season 1, Ep 5 04/11/2007 Views: 78,892

Carly, Alan and Eulogio are startled to find a tearful Kenny hiding in a tree. (1:53)

ALAN:Whatever came through here

was runningat a pretty good clip.

Must have...

Oh, my Lord.

CARLY:Oh, my gosh.Alan.

It's like a crime scene.

Well, the bearobviously won.



Kenny!Oh, Kenny!

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What happened?

(whimpering):I got chased by a bear.

Why are youin your underpants?

I had trout on me and I threwthe trout, but it didn't care,

(sobbing):and I took off all my clothes...

and he's just like,he was just like,

"I don't care.I'm still coming."

You can come on downthe tree now.

I thinkthe bear's gone home.

I can't come down.

You guys thinkI'm some loser now.

No, I think you'rethe greatest man I've ever met

in my whole life.

Do you guys really respect me?

More than anyone in the world,Kenny.

Sure we do, Kenny.We're a team.

Hey, I foundthe van keys.

Oh, thank God.Let's go. Let's go.

Hey guys? I'm okay.

I can lead you now.

I just...I freaked out a little bit.

Now I'm back to myself.

I'm good!

That's the thing--I've always oriented myself

with moss because it'son the north side,

but this time, there it was,south-side moss...


ALAN: Oh, my God,my tent.

(whispering):Shh! Bear.


Everybody, quietly findSerenity and C-Bass.


Oh, my God.