Chris Unloads on Male Birth Control

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 11/02/2016 Views: 295

Chris becomes hysterical while addressing the side effects that caused men to abandon a birth control study. (1:17)

Next up, Men Be Stoppin'.

Who says men can't handlethe pain of being a woman?

Men, that's who.

A male birth control studyfrom 2012

is making waves onlinethis week

after it came out thatthe men involved in the trial

had to drop outbecause they couldn't handle

the side effects,like acne, changes in libido

and mood swings.

Well, well, well.

Roll the tape.

WOMAN: Men almost had their own highly effective birth control

but the medical trial had to stop

when some of the men said they couldn't take the side effects.

But those side effects were almost identical

to what woman have been dealing with for decades.

We're talking depression, muscle pain, mood swings

-and libido changes. -All right, stop. Enough.

Enough. Okay?

You know what,that's not our fault.

Maybe physiologically we're justnot used to that stuff, okay?

Or maybe... maybe we just don'tappreciate your tone, Helen.

I mean, we could continuethis conversation,

but you know what, we don't feellike talking about this

right now,until you feel like listening.

Goddamn it, I am so hungry, butI don't know what I want to eat!

Stop looking at me!Stop looking at me!

-No, no, no.-(laughter, whistling)

You know what, no.

Just stop.I am not...

I am not taking these pillsanymore

just so you can finish in me.

Okay, it's not worth it.

Just stop it.I need my life back.

-(whoops)-Moving on.