Uncensored - Gabriel Iglesias - Losing Weight

Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy Season 1, Ep 1 04/07/2013 Views: 52,543

Gabriel Iglesias is not quite as fluffy as he was in the past. (0:43)

-Dude, you have a fucking, adivision, where your chest is.

-I'm 350 now.

So, uh, doing themath, what is that?

From 437 to 350-- 50,about 80, about 87 pounds.

And it's not a vanity thing.

I'm, I'm sort ofsecure, you know?

As a matter offact, that, people

say I'm hurting my businessby being the "fluffy" guy.

And, you know, whathappens if you lose

all this weightand this and that?

You're not going to be fluffy.

I'm like, yeah, butI'm going to be alive.

So actually it feels reallygood to lose that much weight.

Because I, I, you know,feel a lot more flexible.

Uh, I can go up and downstairs, and that is, you know,

uh-- I wouldn'tsay easy, but it's

a lot easier than it used to be.

-That's fucking phenomenal, bro.

-I just want to walk out.

I'm going to walkout sucking it in.


Oh, the stretch hasso much play in it.