Anjelah Johnson - Getting Hit On

Dunham, Brow, Griffin, Logan, Johnson, Palascak, Marcus Season 3, Ep 1 06/06/2008 Views: 117,695

Anjelah Johnson has realized that men of different ethnicities have different styles of hitting on women. (2:20)

Ladies, have you ever noticedthat the way guys hit on us

is specific to their ethnicity?Ever notice that?

Like the black guy,

he has to describe youwhen he hits on you.

He's like, "Hey, blue shirt.How you doing, blue shirt?

"Yeah, blue shirt.

"Hey. Hey-hey-hey, ponytail.What's up, ponytail?"

"What's up, one leg?How you doing, one leg?

Yeah, one leg."

We all know the Mexican guy.

He'll just call at youlike you're an animal.

"Hey... (makes kissing sound)

Every time a Mexican guy blowsa kiss at me, I'm, like...

Stop it.

One of my cousins tried to hiton this white girl one time.

She thought he was lookingfor his dog.

She tried to help him out.


"I'm sorry.I didn't see which way he went.

"Oh, you were talking to me?

"Oh, my God, Carol,he was talking to me.



And the white guy, too.White guys do it, too.

You never actually seethe white guy that hits on you

'cause he always sends overa friend to do it.

You always get this one randomwhite guy that's, like,

"Hey, uh, I got a buddyover there...

"says you're pretty hot...

or, uh, caliente. (clicks tongue)"

Easy there, white guy. Easy.

Or, ladies, how about whenwe're standing by the bar

and the guy wantsto dance with us,

so he gives us the head nod overto the dance floor?

You know, this one...

So we gotta give himthe head nod right back.


"Wait, you were talking to me,right?

Oh, yeah, no."