Magical Super Wonder Dream Machine

Jeff & Some Energy Trading Season 1, Ep 2 01/18/2017 Views: 913

The aliens introduce Jeff to a machine that can create anything he wants -- at a price. (1:42)

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- Basically, this little suckerright here

just rearranges moleculesto create

anything you wantin the universe.

- Okay, let me get thisstraight, all right?

[scoffs] Just--you know,so I understand things here,

all right?

You mean to tell methis thing can make anything?

Like, I don't know,

let's say I wanted a...pffft...

brand-new Porsche or--


Holy [bleep]!This is awesome!

You guys should give this thing

a better name thanEnergy Trader.

I mean,y-you should call it

the Magical Super WonderDream Machine!

- [chuckling]

Well, Energy Trader'sa little more accurate,

'cause that's what you just did.- Mm-hmm.

- Huh?- You just traded five years

of your lifefor this bad boy.

- What?

[dramatic sting]

I'm not even into cars!

- Oh, I thinkyou'll like this one.

I got you the sport package.

- Five years?

Okay, wow, well,that's a great detail to know.

Okay, this is still amazing.I just--I--I gotta be careful

and stick to the essentials.

[energetic music]








[engine revs]

Bye, guys.Wish me luck tonight.

Oh, [bleep],it's a stick!