Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer - New Hosts - Uncensored

The One with the Replacement Hosts Season 2, Ep 1 06/30/2015 Views: 5,467

When Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer take over hosting duties for Jonah and Kumail, they fully inhabit both their clothes and their personalities. (1:56)

That's funny, that reminds meof one of my earliest cameos...

on the TNT seriesFranklin and Bash.

Do you know what?It was good.

I-- sometimes I likeFranklin more...

and then I go backand I'm all Bash!I'm telling you.

I'm all Bash, all day.Now.

You know, that was money for mycraft, and I appreciate it.

Speaking of money, thisis how I carry my stuff.

I just carry it like this in mypocket, because I'm like...

"Life is short and I wantto lose it all." I don't know.

I feel like it's feminine towrite in a-- like a journal,so I do loose paper.

Yeah. And never fold-- you can'tfold that shit nicely.

No, it's like garbage, garbage.No, crinkle it.

Got to get it crinkled.

You know what I love, is beingmarried to a smart, strongwoman.

Yeah.I love that.

I fucking love that.Me, too, man, I love my wife.

Me, too. I love it.

I want to fucking go home, andjust listen to her and then eather out all night.

Yeah, yes!Right?

The only reason I hateMeltdown...

is that I'm not fuckingmy dope wife right now.

At this height, that I am?Yeah.

It's a whole other point of viewof the world...

that you guys will neverunderstand.It's like a differentadventure.

As a more compact man--

No offense, but I feel likeI've just like become whole.You know what I mean?

You're supposed to be likeGaston, from like Beauty and theBeast...

which I didn't seewhen it came out, but um...

I saw it years later and waslike, "What?" Um...

I love you on Silicon Valley,man.

Thank you, thank you so much.

I'm not jealous at allthat you're on it.

That's what brotherly love is,you know?

But you're great, you're real--there's no denying it.

I am the funniest part.