Uncensored - Getting Catfished

Kurt Metzger, Nikki Glaser, Mike Vecchione Season 1, Ep 3 04/27/2014 Views: 2,061

Kurt Metzger, Nikki Glaser, Mike Vecchione and Dave Attell discuss the show, the set and Kurt's love life. (1:38)

How was the show?

Oh, the showwas fun.

I thought you weregoing to sit on the chair

and watch us, like--

Oh, me?Yeah, what's the--

What's the chair for?

Does the chairrepresent un-censorship?


That actuallyrepresents my next job:

department store Santa.

That's whatI'm going to be doing.

Ladies, who wasyour favorite?

I mean, if you couldonly fuck one of them,

who would it be?

I'm going to vote on--Nikki.

Which one?Nikki?

Oh, Mike.

(Kurt)She didn't even hesitate.

You didn't even giveNikki a look first!

Can I tell you the reality isI've been catfished, so...

You have?Yeah.

You metyourself?

What happened?(laughing)What?


I got broken up withand I was lonely

and I talked tosomebody online too much

and said a little too much

and it was thisgirl Nicole,

or that'swho I thought it was--This isn't a podcast.

Get to it, dude.

Come on,come on, get to it.

Quick is funny.All right.

So I drive out to meet herand it turns out it was just

some guy named Chris Hansenfrom some fucking--


Sorry, I steppedon that one.

That was pretty good.

How about another handfor all of our

comics here tonight?

(cheers and applause)Amazing work.Thank you.

Nikki Glaser,Mike Vecchione,

Kurt Metzger.

(cheers and applause)

Okay, thatusually means leave.


Dave Attell,everyone!

Thank you, thank you, guys.

Thanks for watchingcomedy in the Underground.

I'm your host,Dave Attell.

See you again.

Find your way out.