Meth Lab Season 1, Ep 6 06/04/2013 Views: 32,083

After Amy is given a free makeover by a daytime talk show, she takes unhealthy measures to maintain her new look. (3:03)

It is time forour "Get Up" makeover

six-month follow up.

I love this.

I knowhow you do.

You might remember Amy.Sure.

Whose co-workers thoughtthis overworked

people pleaserneeded a day of pampering

and a new look to snagher a man.


Wow, that is hideous.

Ohh...Somebody's gonnadie alone.

So six months ago,

Lisa, ourmakeover expert--

I love her.I know.

She's the best inthe business.

She went to workand she turned that

into this.

( applauding )That's a beautifulwoman.

I know.She looks terrific.

She looks great.

So Lisa is at herhouse live--

Hmm?And we're gonnacheck in

and see how she's beenmaintaining her new look.

Hi guys, I am so excitedto see Amy

and howpretty she looks.

( screaming )

Oh!( laughing )

I'm sorry,

I think I mayhave the wrong house, I--


Yeah, youhave the right house.

623 Supermodel Lane.

Get in here,you lifesaver.


Oh, my God.

I knew that youwould think

I wouldn't be ableto keep this look going on,

but check it out!

I did it, girl!

We did it!

What happened to your--your hair?

Well, you know what,I knew if I shampooed it,

I would losethis beachy-wave thing

that you guys created,

so I just beenskipping it.

I mean,you were right.

I don't have toblow-dry it.

I don'thave to wash it.

It's so easy.

No, I definitelynever said

you didn'thave to wash it.

I thought yousaid that.I never said that.


Why is there an ellipticalin the bathtub?

Oh, you know what?Oh, my God.

I never had spacefor it before,

but I justthought, you know,

now that the bathroom's kindof like irrelevant,

just go for it,you know?

I mean, why not havea fierce booty

to match myslamming new style?

Oh, my God.

You haven't beenshowering, is that--

Uh, no, no.

But people have beenshowering me...

with compliments.

Well, it looks like youhaven't even

washed your face.

Okay, okay,yeah, you know what?

I loved that smokey-eye thingthat you guys did,

so I knewI couldn't recreate it,

so I just let itbake in.

Well, you didn't haveto recreate it.

It's just mascara,just an extra layer.

It's easy.

Right, right, right,but I'm like a total idiot.

So that's why it's importantthat I'm hot.

Have you even changedyour clothes?

No, I didn't.

And now I can't.

( man )Excuse me, ma'am...

is this your residence?

We've had some complaintsabout a foul smell here.

Hi, I live here.

Uh, the neighbors areworried that

someone may have died.

Oh, no,nobody died,

but my body is sick.

Hi, I'm Amy.

Boyfriend alert.


( giggling )