John Oliver - Literary Themed Hotel

  • Season 3 , Ep 6
  • 08/24/2012
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John Oliver is positive that rural Missouri does not need a hotel themed around English authors. (2:27)

and it's this: everything isgoing to be fine.

That's, to be honest, not theideal response you want to

get from a statement likethat, some nervous laughter.

In a sense, people are going,"yeah, but it isn't, though,

so why would you say that?"

Yes it is, everything'sgoing to be fine

because you will make it so.

American people are goodat doing things that are

unnecessary, inadvisable,but which turn out

to be incredible.

I could give you examples ofthis.

I was in rural Missouri lastyear and I stayed at a hotel

that was themed aroundEnglish authors.


Let me tell you where there isabsolutely no demand forthat...

rural Missouri,that's one place.

Let me tell you where elsethere's no demand for that:

anywhere else in the world.

Nobody wants that [bleep]!

But one man had a dream, afinancially catastrophic dream.

And he built it and I, forone, am glad that he did.

Every room was themed arounda different author.

So you'd have the author'sname on the front of the door

and then inside there'd be abook of there's a little

biography about what they'ddone through their life.

It was a lovely idea.

So we walked down thiscorridor and you could see

these names: Shakespeare,Byron, Shelley, Keats...

and then my feetfroze in the carpet

'cause I realized I waslooking up at a door that

simply read... James Bond.


Not Ian Fleming, NewYork, not the author of

the James Bond books.

No, James Bond himself, amade-up man.

And it was amazing to be ableto stand at the exact point

that the owner of this hotelrealized he had made a huge

mistake and he was gonna beforced to name the rest of

the rooms after Englishpeople that he'd heard of.

So I knew I was about to embarkupon a journey down a corridor

that would read: Shakespeare,Byron, Shelley, Keats,

James Bond, David Beckham,Harry Potter, Susan Boyle,