Exclusive - Keep It 100 - How Can DeRay Mckesson End Racism?

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Larry offers civil rights activist DeRay McKesson a chance to end racism on the condition that he get an unfortunate tattoo. (1:13)

(static tone music)


- All right, I'm here with DeRay Mckesson,

and it's time for the game we like to call

Keep it at hunnit.

Keep It One Hunnit.


You know how it works, DeRay,

I ask you a question, you have to keep your answer

one-hunnit-percent real.

If you do, you get one of these.

If not, I'm gonna have

to throw some weak tea at you.

- Okay. Let's see.

- [Larry] All right?

- I'm nervous.

- [Larry] 100%, not 99.

- Okay. - [Larry] Right, okay.

- [Larry] You, and you alone, can end racism forever.

You have been given that power.

All you have to do is have the rebel flag

tattooed on your back.

- Oh shit.

- Confederate flag.

A full back piece, we're talking,

like neck to waist.

(Mike snorts)

Oh, and you have to walk around shirtless

for the rest of your life, all right?

(Mike laughs loudly)

No, no vests.

- [Mike] Oh!

- And if you do wear a vest,

Confederate flag's gotta be on the vest,

that's all I'm saying, okay?

(audience laughing)

You doin' it?

Racism's gone.

- For the culture, yes.


- You doin' it?

- Yes.

- He's doin' it!

That was quick!

- I had no doubt.

- [DeRay] For the culture. - [Mike] I had no doubt


- He had no doubt.

- [Mike] I had no doubt, he had no doubt about it.

- All right, nowyou gotta do it.

Now you gotta do it.

- [Mike] I'd do it to end racism.รบ

- For the culture.