Branding Advice from Harriet Tubman

Tubman Season 2, Ep 1 06/15/2016 Views: 6,959

Harriet Tubman tells Lillian and Beatrice how she overtook her competition to become the top name associated with freeing the slaves. (1:04)

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- How do you think I becamethe Moses of my people?

You think they just startedcalling me that on their own?

- We've never really thoughtabout other people ever,

so I don't know.

- Well, honey child,I thought of that shit, mm-hmm.

You ever hearof Jelson Paramour?

- No.- Exactly.

Jelson freed more slavesthan anybody in history,

but he didn't know a thingabout branding.

He wanted to call itthe "Slave Connection."

- Ugh.

- But slavery hadsuch a negative connotation.

- Why?

- So I said to him,"Let's make it about trains."

White folks love themselvessome trains.

- We really do.[giggles]

- 20 years later,I'm a legend.

Someday, they'll evenput me on money.

- We love money.

- And Jelson?

Threw himselfin front of a train.

[both gasp]

- Very ironic.

- It is funny.[laughs]