"Weird Al" Yankovic - "Dare to Be Stupid"

The One with the TV Host Perks Season 1, Ep 5 08/28/2014 Views: 36,684

Backed by a string quartet, "Weird Al" Yankovic sings one of his most beloved songs, "Dare to Be Stupid." (3:28)

Please welcome to the stage,Weird Al Yankovic!

Oh, shit, Weird Al's playingwith a quartet. I gotta watchthat.

So he is a nerd, right?Right? It's official.

Whatever just happens.

Put down that chainsaw andlisten to me.

It's time for usto join in the fight.

It's time to let your babiesgrow up to be cowboys.

It's time to let thebedbugs bite.

You better put allyour eggs in one basket.

You better count your chickensbefore they hatch.

You better sell some wine,before its time.

You better find yourselfan itch to scratch.

You better squeeze all theCharmin you can.

When Mr. Winkle's not around.

Stick your head in the microwaveand get yourself a tan.

Talk... with your mouth full.

Bite... the hand feeds you.

Bite... off morethan you can chew.

What can you do?

Dare to be stupid.

Take... some wooden nickels.

Look... for Mr. Goodbar.

Get... your mojo working now.I'll show you how.

You can dare to be stupid.You can turn the other cheek.

You can just give up the ship.

You can eat a bunch of sushithen forget to leave a tip.

Dare to be stupid.

Come on and dare to be stupid.

It's so easy to do.

We're all waiting for you.Let's go.

It's time to make a mountainout of a molehill.

So can I have a volunteer?

We have no more timefor crying over spilt milk.

Now is time for cryingin your beer.

Settle down, raise a family,join the PTA.

Buy some sensible shoesand a Chevrolet.

Then party 'til you're brokeand they drag you away.

It's okay.You can dare to be stupid.

It's like spitting on a fish.

It's like barking up a tree.

It's like they say,you gotta buy one if youwant to get one free.

Dare to be stupid.Yes!

Why don't you dare to be stupid?Dare to be stupid.

Dare... to be stupid.

Thank you so much!That's our show this week!