Watching Andy Kaufman

The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2014 Views: 153

Jerry Seinfeld, the Wayans Brothers and Jimmy Fallon describe seeing one of the strangest and most unique comedians to ever step on stage at the Improv. (2:08)

and, like, bomb.

I mean, like, bomb.

To the point where the audiencewas almost heckling him.

And he starts crying.

He starts crying.

And if you don't want me tocontinue then I guess I won't.


Thank you for showingme where I'm at.

And he runs off stageand the MC comes on and goes,

"How could you guysdo this to him?

That's Andy Kaufman.

All right, look at what you--you made the man cry.

Come on, we can't do that.

You gotta bring thatguy back on stage."

And so the audience islike, "Oh, oh, okay, all right."

So they all clap and finallyhe comes back on stage

and he doesthe exact same thing.

There was thisguy who plays bongos

and starts cryingas he's playing the bongos.

I wanna go home.

And we thoughtthat was hilarious

and we also didn'tknow if the guy was crazy

or if it was like--what is that?

I watched him go up on stageand eat ice cream.

He didn't talk.

He just ate ice cream.

And it was one of those thingswhere, at first, you giggle.

And then it's quietand then you start laughing

and then itbecomes hysterical.

And then there'smore tension

because you wanthim to say something.

And then he finished,"Thank you very much."

You hear the storiesof The Improv and Andy Kaufman

and what he would doand you're all,

"Yeah, I wanna havemy Andy Kaufman moment."

And of course I did it.

I shaved during my act.

It's so sad,it wasn't funny.

But, um, I wanted whoeverwas watching the showcase

to see that I couldhave a beard and that--

Like, "We're lookingfor somebody who has a beard.

Nice try though."

But I was--so I did--yeah, I did a beard.

And then I went from a beardto, like, kind of a goatee.

And then completely shaven.

I had a bowlwith water and a razor.