Exclusive - Kurt Metzger - Interview with Margaret Cho

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 6,092

Margaret Cho provides a rational answer to Kurt Metzger's "Dancing With the Stars" question. (2:43)

-I am Kurt Metzger withComedy Central's jokes.com.

And I'm interviewingMargaret Cho

for the New YorkComedy Festival.

We're here interviewing MargaretCho before her show, one woman

show, which is just going to bean awesome show, basically, not


-A bunch, a bunch, of jokes.

It's just a bunch of jokes.

Oh, the "Cho Dependent."

It's called "Cho Dependent, "because I have an album that I

made in, you know, a littlebit, a couple months ago.

And it's called "Cho Dependent."

It's a comedy album,but it's all songs

that I wrote withgreat musicians

like Ani DiFrancoand Fiona Apple.

And so it's really a coolalbum, but it's all joke songs.

And Tommy Chong'son the record too.

-Oh, that's what I was goingto ask you about. "Eat [bleep]

and Die"


-Your song.

Is that about anyone?

-Ah, no.

It's a-- well-- it'sabout the general being

pissed off atpeople, in general.

And making, making themeat [bleep] and die

or wanting them toeat [bleep] and die.

And then so, but then, it'sa mixed metaphor, I guess,

because in the video, I amwearing a turd costume, which

is a replica of a realturd, real-life turd.

So I'm Lady Caca.

-Is that out now?


It's out on YouTube.

Lady Caca.

-By the way, you soundlike a trendsetter,

because I think that'sher next costume.

-That, well, it's a logicalconclusion to the meat dress.


Oh, "Dancing With the Stars."

-Oh, yeah.

-So why do peoplewatch that show?

I mean, not that it has todo anything with you, but--

-Well, because theywant to see people

do things that are differentfrom their level of expertise.

Like you--


-You have these people thatare exceptional at whatever

they do.


-And then you have them geta crash course in something

that they don't know how to do.

-I was just wantingto trying to trash it.

It's like a very rational answerthat makes a lot of sense.

-But it's that kind of like,that's what this show is about

is that you watch peoplewho are exceptional

at one thing suckat another thing.

-Oh, well, see, thatmakes a lot of sense.

-But that or do wellat that other thing.

I do not do well atthat other thing.

I am not-- I am a gooddancer, but I'm not

particularly a goodballroom dancer--


---because I have todance with somebody else.

When you've got to dance withsomebody else, that [bleep] you


-Yeah, is it, is that thething that [inaudible]?

-That's how I get, becauseyou're-- I'm so used

to performing on my own.

-Yeah, right.

-But when I've gotto be with somebody,

I'm like, what the [bleep]?I love my partner.

I mean, he's a great guy.

But I could never really getthe hang of the partner dancing.

-And now with this thing,it's not about being a comic

and working alone,because you had

to work with allthese music people.

How does that, whenyou've got to do--

-Well, that'sdifferent, because that

is you're singing by yourself.


-So it's like they'replaying behind you.

-Oh, all right, all right.

-I mean, is that Ican write a record,

but they don't have to dothe exact same thing I did.

-So do you collaborate?

I mean, did you justwrite the songs,

and they came up with music?Or is it like--

-Yeah, I wrote all the lyrics.

And they came up with the music.

And I sang it.And I play the guitar on it.

Because I'm a musician too.

-It's cool when you getpeople to do shit like that.

-Yeah, it's really cool.

It's a great album, soI'm very proud of it.

-Thank you very much, Margaret.

That's our interviewwith Margaret Cho.

I'm Kurt Metzger for jokes.com.

And I'm probably going to makeout with Margaret Cho now.

So whatever, guys.

Thanks for watching, I guess.