Hillary Clinton Makes History at the DNC

July 27, 2016 - Kirsten Gillibrand 07/27/2016 Views: 17,001

Desi Lydic unpacks the historic night at the DNC when Hillary Clinton became the first woman to receive a major political party's presidential nomination. (4:07)

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We are in Philly,officially covering

the DemocraticNational Convention.

And I'm so excited,our guest tonight--

New York SenatorKirsten Gillibrand

-is joining us, everybody.-(cheering, applause)

Good times, good times.

And speaking of excitement,is everyone excited

about having the firstfemale nominee for president?

(cheering, applause)

America's first female,'cause I am.

I'm not gonna lie, I am.

Yeah.It's so great to be here

when America takes thesemajor steps forward.

And it's also excitingbecause it's a first.

First anythings are exciting,you know. Yeah.

First-first day of school,you know,

first comment on Instagram.First! Uh...

First time you had sex.

(cheering, applause)

Yeah, first timeyou had sex right. Uh...

The point is...the point is yesterday

was a historic occasion.

And now we're joinedto celebrate that history,

uh, with Desi Lydic, everybody.

Desi Lydic, who is on theconvention floor as we speak.

-(cheering, applause)-Hey there, Desi.

Trevor, let metell you something.

In this countrya lot of bars give women

free drinks on Tuesdaysand call it ladies night.

But last night wasthe real (bleep) ladies night.

(cheering, applause)

You realizebefore yesterday, America had

131 male presidential nominees,

zero female nominees

and zero squirrel nominees.

And after 240 yearsand 56 elections,

women have finallyedged out squirrels.

-(cheering, applause)-Yeah.

Look, I knowHillary kept it low-key

and acceptedthe nomination by video

'cause she classy like that,

but this was so huge.

She deserved to ride inon a shooting star

like Katy Perryat the Super Bowl.

Well, she really isa firework, Desi.

And, uh, people must have been

losing their (bleep)in the convention.

Yeah, they still are.

I wish I could stay in hereforever, because outside

people are just kind of like,"Oh, first female nominee? Cool.

Hey, look, Trump'sdoing an AMA on reddit."

I-I feel you, Desi,I feel you. Even some major

American newspapers,in fact, used pictures

of Hillary's husbandwhen talking about

how she made history.

Or-or should I say "her-story?"

No, "history" is fine.

But seriously, what the hell?

This is a huge dealfor this country.

You know, everyone talks abouthow advanced America is

compared tothe rest of the world,

but we suckat having women in power.

Want to knowwho got here before us?

Pretty much everybody.Argentina, Germany, Mongolia,

Liberia. (bleep), Pakistan'salready assassinated

a female leader.

Might have gone a little too fardown progress lane.

There's a real sweet spotyou want to stay in, but...

No, Desi, it's-it's funnyyou say that,

because when Obama won,even black people in Africa

were losing their (bleep),and he's only half African.

Yeah, exactly.

Trevor, Hillary's full woman.

-(cheering, applause)-God.

And look, look, I knowmaybe some conservative women

don't exactlyfeel like celebrating

a Hillary victory,but you can hate Hillary

and still lovewhat happened last night.

-(cheering, applause)-Yeah.

Because her victoryempowers all women.

Even if you want to usethat power to say that

Hillary planned Benghazifrom a secret e-mail server

that she boughtwith Goldman Sachs donations.

You can do that.

Hillary busted throughthat glass ceiling

and you can follow herthrough it,

even if it's justto take her down.

It's... God, it's just,it's really beautiful

when you think about itlike that.

It really is beautiful,and it's long overdue.

Men have beenrunning the White House

for hundreds of years.

They've actuallyscrewed a lot of (bleep) up.

Yeah, and now it's timefor women

to screw some (bleep) up.

So true. Thank you, Desi.