Cleto Rodriguez - Making Things Easier

Zhivago Blea, Cleto Rodriguez & Edwin San Juan Season 1, Ep 5 11/03/2011 Views: 8,006

For about 12 seconds, Cleto Rodriguez's stepson made him feel great. (1:36)

in the first year of marriage.

Like, I found outI cannot take my wife

to a weddingthat was better than ours.

Oh, man, we went to thisreal nice, fancy wedding.

They had stuff like food.

All... all I said in the cargoing home was,

"Man, that wasa good wedding, right?"

She went off.She was like...

(shuddering exhale)

"Did you see?

"They had real invitations.

Not flyers."

"Did you see?

They had a real ice sculpture,not a piƱata."

"Did you see?!

They had real doves,not chickens."

I was like,"Yeah, well, did you see?

"They had real money.

Not hot checks, so talkto your family about that one."

Married my wife with two boys,my stepsons.

I love them-- now.

And, um...

But the young one...the youngest one made me feel

so good the other dayfor like 12 seconds.

'Cause he came up to me--he goes, "Hey, Cleto.

Do you think it's okayif I call you Dad?"

And I was like...

(voice shaking):"I'd love you to call me Dad.

I've been waitingfor you to call me Dad."

(mock crying)

He goes, "Good,'cause I keep accidentally

"calling my dad Cleto,and he's getting really mad.