Fortune Feimster - Updates From Mom

Fortune Feimster Season 3, Ep 7 06/27/2014 Views: 17,173

Fortune Feimster's mother is determined to keep her up-to-date on everyone in her hometown. (1:59)

My Mom's so funny. Shelives in the South, too.

She's still determined

to keep my up-to-date witheverybody that I grew up with.

And she'll remind me about themto the point where I care again.

So, she'll call me up.

She's like,"Hey, what are you doing?"

I'm like, "Well, it's the 3:00in the afternoon, cougar.

I'm working."

And she's like, "Well, do youremember Ashley Davidson?"

I'm like,"No, I don't know who that is."

"Oh, you know who that is!"

Like I was just lyingthe second before.

"Ashley Davidson!

"She had long, dark hair.

She was onthe cheerleading squad."

I'm like, "No, Mom,it still does not ring a bell."

"Ashley Davidson!

Her mom Alice usedto cut your hair."

And then I'm like, "Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I think I knowwho that is."

"Well, she's dead."

I'm like, "Why would you callto tell me that?"

She's like, "'Cause I thoughtyou'd want to know."

I'm like, "But I didn'teven know who that is!"

"Oh, you know who that is!"

We go round and roundin circles.

This is an actual text

that she sent to me if you want

any idea of how she canbrighten your day.

Here... is an example.

Real text.(quiet laugh)

"Did you know Vanessa Tate?She lived on Poplar Street.

"I went to schoolwith her mother Jan.

"We were in junior leaguetogether back in the day.

"Her father died a few monthsago and her mother last week.

"They were 65 and 61--I wonder what happened?

Very sad."

Oh, it gets better,it gets better.

"There's snow in the airand it's 23 degrees.

"I feel sorryfor the tornado survivors

"who are picking through therubble of their homes in this.

Have a great show.Love, Mom."