Ben Carson's Birthday Celebration

Monday, September 19, 2016 09/19/2016 Views: 313

Katee Sackhoff, Natasha Lyonne and Doug Benson describe how they rang in former GOP candidate Ben Carson's 65th birthday. (1:43)

As you saw earlier,presidential candidate

and moldy chicken nuggetwith delusions of grandeur,

Donald Trump,

has paid to take over everyepisode of @midnight this...

Uh, you know, we moved to 11:30.

Everything got more expensive.It's not my call.

We don't knowwhen he's gonna show up,

so we'll just continuewith the show.

We'll make the best of it.

We'll pretend likeAmerica's not gonna turn

into (bleep) Fury Roadin a couple months,

and, uh, we'll just enjoythe moment as it happens.

So next up, let's check inwith Carson, Daily.

Sunday was the 65th birthdayof failed

presidential candidateBen Carson, the neurosurgeon

who successfully removedhis own brain

and replaced it withBuild-A-Bear stuffing.

-(laughter)-And to mark the occasion,

Dr. Snooze tweetedthis baffling meme.

"Keep calm. It's my birthday."


Okay. Mission accomplished.

This is.. this is bat (bleep)

on several levels, but, man,does he look great, huh?

He kind of looks like...he kind of looks like

if James Bond was black

and believed the pyramidswere used to store grain.


So, comedians,how did you celebrate

hibernating creationistBen Carson's birthday?

Doug Benson.

I celebrated his birthdayby taking

-a quick nap every few seconds.-HARDWICK: All right, perfect.


Doug, I... I'm just assumingthat's the marijuana. Uh...

-(laughter)-Katee Sackhoff.

-Oh, Chris, there you are.-Oh, Doug.


Katee Sackhoff.

Um, well,for Ben Carson's birthday,

me and Jesus took himto Busch Gardens.

-(laughter) -Yes, perfect, yeah.Perfect. Points.

-Yes, Natasha.-Making sure

he doesn't see his own shadow,

or we'll have six more weeksof homophobia.