#HashtagWars - #MyLoveLifeIn5Words

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 02/14/2017 Views: 271

The love of Hashtag Wars brought a couple together IRL, inspiring Mary Lynn Rajskub, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Al Jackson to lament their own relationships. (2:02)

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So let's change the subjectwith tonight's #HashtagWars

-right at the top of the show.-(applause and cheering)


the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitterwas trending,

celebratingall the couples out there

who make hashtag love,not hashtag war.

We actually have some IRLTwitter lovebirds here tonight.

-Brian and Emily are on stage,and... -(applause and cheering)

Brian and Emily actually metonline playing #HashtagWars.

-RAJSKUB: What?-They liked each other's jokes,

and now they live togetherin real life so we decided

to choose them for a romanticnight out on our stage.

-(applause and cheering)-Hello. Nice to see you.

So in honorof these two lovebirds,

our hashtag tonight is#MyLoveLifeIn5Words.

Uh, examples might be-- Lostmy virginity to SmashMouth,

or... Dog and peanut butteragain.

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.


-(laughter)-It's never gonna get old.

-Al Yankovic.-Cheesecake Factory,

reservation for one.

-(audience aw-ing)-Yes! All right, points.

-Al Jackson.-Neither a shower or a grower.

All right, points to Al Jackson.

Uh, yes, Mary Lynn.

Like a vaginal hunger strike.

-Yes, points!-VOICE: Ooh-wah-ha-ha-ha!

Uh, @robertomegadoom says:Alone and sitting in chair.

Uh, Moronic Mark says:I choo choo choose you.

Very good, uh,Ralph Wiggum reference.

-Al Yankovic.-Must stay 501 feet away.

-All right, points!-(laughter)

Uh, yes, Al Jackson.

Mom, please remember to knock.

-All right. Very good. Points.-(laughter) -Oh.

-Uh, Mary Lynn.-I had a very similar:

Ignore child's voice during sex.


@charleyck14 says:Imaginary lover has a headache.

Bunny Hugger 75 says:Just cooked my dog dinner.

-(laughter)-Uh, Al Jackson.

You should probablytake a shower.

All right, great. Excellent.Points to Al Jackson.


-(laughter)-Never gets old.

Yes, down with the sickness.

Drought that rivals Los Angeles.

-Yes, very good. Points.-(laughter)