Flip Schultz - When Rides Get Pimped

Season 1, Ep 0101 08/31/2006 Views: 2,269

Flip Schultz is not a fan of "Pimp My Ride." (2:00)

Reality TV'sgetting out of control.

I'll tell you a show I hate--

it's on MTV,it's called Pimp My Ride.

You guys know that show?

Ah, hate that show.

Tell you what, if you don't knowwhat pimping a ride is,

basically it meansto fix up a car, right?

So you'd thinkthat'd be a paint job,

overhaul the engine,some new tires.

Yeah, no, not on MTV.

"'Cause on MTV, when wepimp your ride, what we do

"is we take thispiece of ( bleep ) car

"and put in all thisunnecessary crap

"that should never be in a car.

"Yo, we got a Playstationin your steering wheel,

"we got smoke machinesin the speakers,

"we got rubber duckiesshooting out the exhaust pipe.


Then some kid comes in like,

"Oh, damn, you pimped my ride!"

Gets in, drives away,that's the end of the show.

What they never showis the aftermath, you know?

Yeah. When the kidtakes this car

that's now worthabout $200,000,

yeah, when he now takes it backto the ( bleep ) neighborhood

that you know he really livesin, yeah, where he suddenly gets

a gun shoved in his faceat a red light.

And he's like, "But I justgot my ride pimped!"

"Well, now you're gettingyour ride jacked.

Out the car, bitch, let's go."

"I guess I'll bepimping the bus."

( giggles )

You guys are so cool.

So I guess a lot of yougot my MySpace bulletin,

so thanks for showing upto the show.

MySpace, anybody hereon MySpace?

MySpace? Yeah. Yeah.


Yeah, I'm sure you knowwhat MySpace is.

It's this big Web sitewhere you can go,

you can meet peopleand network-- it's very cool.

And before MySpace,the big website for that

was called Friendster, right?

But then MySpace came along,I liked it better,

I went over to MySpace.

But I still keep gettinge-mails from Friendster.

You know, like,they still send you e-mails.

"Hey, it's Friendster,haven't seen you in a while.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

"Friendster, check us out,we're good, yeah."

Friendster is likethat really annoying ex

that just can't accept therelationship's over, you know?

It's like, you wantto sit them down and go,

"Hey, look, we had a good time,

"but it's over,you need to move on.

"Listen, we're alwaysgonna be Friendsters.

Just right now, I need MySpace."

Ah! Clever!