Mark Zuckerberg Fends Off Hackers - He's a Big Myspace Fan

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 06/22/2016 Views: 327

Kevin Pereira, Flula Borg and Erica Rhodes list the odd ways that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg avoids hackers. (1:42)

Photo social sharing network andmobile butt-catalogue Instagram

reached 500 million usersthis week!

It's very impressive,even if you ignore the fact

that one millionof those are fake Russian babes

hornyfor your Social Security number.


-(applause and cheering)-Oh, they want it.

They want it bad.

Facebook CEO and T-shirt haver

Mark Zuckerberg, seen here,

has congratulated the 'Grams

by posting this adorable photoright here.

See, he looks likehe's in a thing,

but he's holding it up.

It's an Instagram!He likes to have fun.


I think actually... I don't knowif I'm wrong about this.

I'm not an expert,but I think

orthodox Kardashians actuallyhave sex through those.


-I don't know.(applause and cheering)


Wait a minute, though.What is that...?

What is that on his computer?

Jack, enhance!


Mark Zuckerberg-- he tapes uphis camera and his microphone

so hackers can't spy on him.

That is not a good signfrom the guy

who asks youto share your entire life,

but he doesn't trustthe Internet.

-(laughter, applause)-Uh, comedians,

what else is the Zuck doingto avoid getting hacked?

Kevin Pereira.

Well, he sends dick picsvia carrier pigeon.

-(laughter)-It was nice.

-Just... -You can hack those!You can hack those.

Uh, Flula Borg.

He has stopped usingthe easily guessable password

"Who let the Zuck out?Bark, bark, bark."


(applause and cheering) -Thatwould have been the first...

Well, now he's got to change it,now that you told everyone.

Erica Rhodes.

He doesn't use Facebook.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: That's right.

-He's a big Myspace fan.-(applause) -Yeah.

It's coming back, you guys.Put me in your top eight.