The Aliens Study Puberty

Jeff & Some Preteen Girls Season 1, Ep 3 01/25/2017 Views: 863

The aliens show Jeff what would've happened to his favorite celebrities if they had given up on their dreams when they were kids. (1:03)

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In our research we've found thathumans go through a period ofchange.

Right around the age of puberty.


You guys are really doing someground breaking work here aren'tya.

First they start being rude andsarcastic.

Then they try to fit in.

By giving up the very quirks andinterests.

That make them who they are.

Next thing you know

They're all just dreamlesshusks.

Stumbling blind toward thegrave.

Like a bunch of sad lonelyghosts.


Look what would have happened toyour favorite cultural heroes.

If they'd given up on theirdreams.

You ever heard of Drizzy drake?

We started from the bottom.

Now where here.

Which is very alarming I mightadd.

Oh God not the 6 man!

There's more.

♪ Hello

Hi Yes, Um...

I'm calling to see if your aresatisfied.

with your current autoinsurance policy.

Jesus! turn that off.Come on stop it.