Recording Session

Assignment: Spring Break Season 1, Ep 3 06/21/2006 Views: 9,514

Alan "The Finger" Finger and Marty Shonson record "C'mon and Get It (Up in Them Guts)." (1:34)

It's called"Come On and Get It,"

and then in parentheses,it's, it's "(Up In Them Guts)".


( hip-hop beat playing )

All introright here.


Let me get the mic out,mic that.

MARTY:All right,let's do this.

( hip-hop beat playing )

SAUNDERS:That's it.

That's perfect.

We're just going to doa quick phone call

before... you knowon some albums,Uh-huh.

they'll have that kind of..."Hey, baby."

"What's going on?"Exactly.

( imitating phone ringing )

( clicks )


Is this Robertaor Clarice?

( high-pitched ):It's Roberta.

Well, let mespeak to Clarice.

Okay, hold on a second.



It's the Finger.

Well, I'm busy right now.

( whispering ):Marty, that's too much.

Okay. Right.Just keep...

Um, FYI...Uh-huh.

My cousin H.G. from a P.A. for BET.

And I need...Oh.

I'm gonna needthis CD ASAP, okay?