Dan Soder - Traveling with Weed

Dan Soder: Not Special Season 1, Ep 1 05/21/2016 Views: 1,317

Dan Soder talks about his love of smoking marijuana and why he no longer thinks of it as a drug. (2:14)

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Still smoke weed...medicinally.


Strictly medicinally.

I've got a chronic caseof Netflix.

No, that's dumb.That's--

You guys deservea better joke than that,

and I apologize.

I just don't thinkweed's a drug.

Personally, I don't viewmarijuana like it is a drug.

I just don't thinkof it like that.

[cheers and applause]

And it's nice to bein the room

with like-minded individuals.

I travel a lot,

and some cities I go tostill view marijuana

like it is a class one narcotic.

Um...if you think weedis a drug,

you're adorable.

You really are.

Oh, you arethe cutest thing ever.

Do you also thinkvoting for president matters?


It doesn't.


If you wantto call marijuana a drug

to stop children from doing it,

[bleep] way on board with that,absolutely.

But I'm 32.

Just let me have this one.

Have you smoked weedin your 30s?

It's not that fun.

It's not fun enoughto call a drug.

That, I know for sure.

To me, when you callsomething a drug,

it means you're havinga [bleep] blast

while you're doing it.

Maybe when I was a teenager,maybe, with weed.

Drink a bunch of beers.Light up a joint.

Like, where is this nightgonna take me?


I don't know.

I'm getting high...

on drugs.

Now, at 32,I just...wait...


Till it gets late.

Then I put on sweatpants.


And I smoke, and I get nervousfor three hours.

I don't think that's a drug.I don't--

[cheers and applause]

I don't think you can call--


I don't think anyone's doingthat in an abandoned warehouse

shirtless, listeningto electric dance music.


It's like, "Let the beat drop."

You're like, "Please don'tlet anything drop.

I am so nervous."