Naomi Ekperigin - Becoming Mrs. Beckerman

Naomi Ekperigin Season 5, Ep 15 10/14/2016 Views: 1,582

When Naomi Ekperigin gets married, she's going to take her fiance's last name for one very specific reason. (0:56)

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I'm doing it. I'm living the dream!

I'm going to be a Jewish wife.You know?

And I am gonna takehis last name, okay?

And that's not becauseI'm traditional,

and I'm like, "I want youto know I belong to him."

No. No, no, no, no, no.

I'm taking his last namebecause when I do,

I will be: Naomi Beckerman.

That is the Jewiest!

I am, like, loving it!

I'm living for the first tenseconds of meeting someone,

you know, and them being, like,"You're... Mrs. Beckerman?"

And I'm like,


I'm owning it!

I am owning it!

I'm like,"Yes, I'm Mrs. Beckerman,

and yes, I made that Kugel."

You know?I'm gonna do it.

And Jewboo, though,he was like, he was like,

"Naomi, don't take my last namefor a bit!"

And I was like, "Um,you knew what this was, okay?"