Kyle Kinane - Sex on a Plane Pt. 3

Kyle Kinane: Whiskey Icarus Season 1, Ep 1 11/24/2012 Views: 6,826

When the world gives Kyle Kinane a gift, he does not waste it. (1:47)

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and I askfor two more drinks.

And she--she obliges initially.

And she goes in there,and she's tinkering around.

But for some reason, she cameback out with the drink,

but she had this change of heartfrom that moment to here,

because she came like--like just then she realized

I pulled an A-ha videodown the whole aisle,

just slamming into stuff.

'Cause she bringsthe drinks out,

but she's notpresenting them to me.

She's got them lockedback here.

And she looks at mewith this look of concern,

and she leans in and,like, does that whisper,

like she doesn't wantto embarrass me

by what she's about to say.

And she just says,"Are you driving?"

And I know she meanteventually...

but when the world gives youa little gift like that,

you don't let itgo to waste.

So I put my handsaround her hands on the drinks,

and then I leaned ineven closer and I was like,

"I hope not."

"I think we might beon an airplane."

And it was a little oneof these, like,

who's joking around with who?Huh, huh, eh, eh?

And I get back to my seatwith my little trophies there,

and the Spaniards,they're just--

they're sitting there.

Like, I don't knowif they got busted

or if they finished or what,

but they think they were,like, smooth about it.

They had no ideathat the "trois"

in the menage a troiswe were having's coming back.

Third spoke's rolling by.

So they just see thiscoming up

with two drinks sloshing aroundgoing, "What?

You don't dismountwhen the coach isn't around."

And then sitting--slam the drinks down

like, "Goddamn Orbitz!"

And they don't knowwhat I mean by that.

They think I'm just cursingthe movement