Behind the Scenes - Touring the Writers' Room

Roast of Rob Lowe Season 1, Ep 1 09/05/2016 Views: 4,539

Mike Lawrence gives us a tour of the office where the Roast writers are prepping jokes about the most notorious people on the dais. (1:07)

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- Hey, I'm Mike Lawrence andthis is one of the many offices

of the Roast writers room.

There are thousands of jokes here,

and 999 of them are about Peyton Manning's forehead.

We've got some fun Ann Coulter stuff right here.

She's always been laughable,

but we're actually gonnamake her funny for once.

We've got some nice RobLowe jokes right here,

and they're literally the lyrics

to Christina Aguilera's Beautiful,

because it's the only song he can masturbate to.

This is a chair that I just stare at,

this is a couch that I sometimes sleep on.

We keep very long hours here.

We've been here so longthat I was clean shaven

when I got here.

We've got this calendar right here.

I don't even know what it is,

I don't know who these people are,

but it adds a nice levelof stress and anxiety

that I didn't have otherwise,

and speaking of which,

I am so full of it, I'm justgonna have to ask you to leave.

These Ann Coulter jokes aren't gonna write themselves.

A goodbye.

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